Marinaldo Martins Pereira better known as Mestre Marinaldo. born in Porto Seguro

(Bahía) in Brazil. Since childhood he used to do a lot of sport. He was a cyclist,

a football player, he tried karate, but only capoeira become the passion of his life.

His adventure with capoeira he started in 1977 when Mestre Walterarrived in the

town Eunapolis (Bahía).Mestre left their students soon, but Marinaldo knew that

capoeira is somethinig that he wanted in his life. He continued tranings by himself, travelled to participate in 'rodas' and learning from the others 'capoeristas'. Also his friends and people from the town started to trained with him. On the one of the'roda' in Salvador de Bahía he met Mestre Ferro Velho. With him he did his 'formatura' (grade in capoeira). 

During this time he have already taught capoeira in schools and sport centers of Eunapolis.

Also in Eunapolis he funded his group Capoeira Esporao, combining to styles of traditinal capoeira: Capoeira Regional and Capoeira Angola. 


In 1994 he was formally given his white belt (cordao branco) and the title of 'Mestre' by Mestre Ezequiel and Mestre João Pequeño.Since 1988 he visited Europe regularly  giving capoeira courses and capoeira's shows. One of has biggest presentations was oh the opening ceremony of World Championships in Football in 1998 in France. 

He gave regular classes in London (United Kingdom), Barcelona, Cartagena (Spain) and now his trainings take place in Warsaw.  

Mestre Marinaldo

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